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Talking about concrete, so many things can be said. We can literally talk about the advantages of this construction material all-day-long, beginning from its affordable cost to the durability and sturdiness it gives to any structure. But how much do you know about its history and how long have concrete services existed for?

Let’s start with the craftsmanship of the ancient Romans. They started using this material centuries ago. We can see some great examples looking at the Roman Pantheon and its 42-meter-diameter dome built by pouring concrete. Although they didn’t have the tools and equipment we have now, they knew the numerous benefits of this building material. The term “concrete” comes from the Latin word “concretus” which means to grow together.

Today, about five billion tons of concrete are used annually worldwide. The process of making it is pretty simple. All you have to do is mix aggregate, cement, and water in the right proportion in a mixer. The most commonly used cement for concrete is called Portland cement. The process of its production was invented by Joseph Aspdin in the 1800’s in England. And since then, we can hardly imagine our lives without it.

This is one of the most popular choices for concrete floor, wall and other projects. It is important to mention here that concrete is a porous material whose durability and strength depend on the presence of an aggregate in its content. Usually, builders put fine rocks or fine sand. Until recent years, people believed that its mechanical durability and defects depended on the amount of the aggregate in it. That led to the idea that concrete is just a commodity material.

Today, established companies are already aware that such structures deteriorate faster due to the corrosion coming from the reinforcing steel, road salts, and ground soil. Hence, now we know it is a complex material whose structure and content deserve more attention than before.


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