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Asphalt & Concrete still continues to be used for driveways, walkways, and walls. Do you need the assistance of a trustworthy asphalt and concrete contractor in Rockville, MD? If so, there is no need to look anywhere else because you have already come to the right place!

What does JM Kelley Paving and Concrete offer?

We specialize in asphalt and concrete construction, snow removal, seal coating and striping, as well as crack filling. With many years of experience in this field of work, we are confident that we can complete any project, no matter how big or small it may seem.


Our skilled asphalt and concrete personnel take their time to understand your needs, preferences, and expectations. Then, they prepare a comprehensive plan for the realization of your project and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Our equipment and materials are of the highest quality.

Are you looking for a reputable company that offers remarkable asphalt and concrete services in Rockville, MD? If you find yourself in this position, turn to JM Kelley Paving and Concrete. We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts who will go out of their way to deliver the premium quality you expect and deserve. Give us a call today if you want to find out more!

Our Services

Residential & Commercial

New Installation

JM Kelley Paving and Concrete is a construction company that offers new asphalt installation for all residential and commercial needs. Based in Rockville, MD, we can provide paving for driveways, alleys, parking lots, play areas and more. Our team of skilled experts can handle any size project.


Overlay is a method used to cover existing asphalt with a new surface layer. Choose us to resurface your Residential driveway or Commercial parking lot.

Asphalt Striping

Striping asphalt is crucial for two reasons – safety and aesthetics, in both cases you should let specialists like us do it because it requires knowledge, skills, and of course, professional equipment. JM Kelley Paving and Concrete, can stripe your parking lot or any street or alley that you own. We will do the job using paint of the highest quality.


Our maintenance services include sealcoating, and we use top-grade materials and equipment for every job. Applying sealcoating to any surface will increase its durability and curb appeal while saving money on further maintenance costs. It is a vital part of every paving maintenance project.

Crack Fill (before)

Rain,snow and salt are just a few are reasons that increase of the damage that a driveway sustains when cracks are left unattended.
 It can cause damage to the subgrade under the asphalt and can expand the crack upon freezing which can cause even more damage.You can avoid problems by having use applied a crack fill application to your driveway or parking lot. 

Crack Fill (after)

The material we use for filling cracks cools down rather quick and is designed to expand or contract upon temperature changes. Crackfill and sealcoat
can seal and protect your driveway adding years of life to it. when your ready give us a call we will be happy to come out and
take a look at your driveway or parking lot to see whats right for you.

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